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Meet Dr. Campbell

Dr. Campbell’s passion for health optimization started through his own personal struggles with chronic nausea and fatigue part way through medical school. After seeing many physicians and even getting a surgery that was not necessary nor helpful he began to look for options beyond the traditional setting. This led him to a more functional approach which finally began to relieve his symptoms.

Several years later, he began to have severe fatigue as a working physician and did not want to play outside with his children when he got home. Through research he discovered hormonal therapy and had tremendous results, soon he was treating his own patients with similar such approaches which inspired him to pursue further training.

Dr. Campbell is the founder of Campbell Foundational Health which was started to partner with patients in optimizing their health through a comprehensive and functional style approach. He is IFM Certified Practitioner based in the northern KY/greater Cincinnati area and sees patients from KY, OH, and IN. Dr. Campbell is currently married with four young children in Northern Kentucky. He enjoys vacations with his family, skiing, lifting weights, playing basketball, and walks in the morning with his dog.

Dr. Campbell works with adult patients of all ages and backgrounds, including those with no pre-existing conditions and those with multiple medical co-morbidities.

Dr. Campbell accepts HSA/FSA payments through Stripe.

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Why Choose Campbell
Foundational Health?

Dr. Campbell’s goal is to make you feel fantastic so that you can go out and have the time of your life through a comprehensive concierge service and his distinct abilities with natural hormone treatment, diet, weight reduction, and much more. He works with adult patients of all ages, men and women, including those with no pre-existing conditions and those with multiple medical co-morbidities. Dr. Campbell wants to make a difference in your life today, so that you can have a better tomorrow. Your first 15 minute discovery call with Dr. Campbell is FREE.


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How Gut Health Affects Your BMI

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The Role of Peptide Therapy in Anti-Aging and Wellness

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Your first 15 minute discovery call with Dr. Campbell is FREE. Schedule your discovery call to discuss concerns such as: fatigue, brain fog, low sex drive, trouble losing weight, inabliity to put on muscle mass, and depressed mood.

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